Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Awards, Apologies and a Request...

Sorry, dear readers! It’s definitely been awhile. My life kind of exploded recently, leaving me suddenly and inexplicably with a lot less time to write, blog and re-watch Community. Life will hopefully calm down now, and I will endeavour to post with some regularity, at the very least.

In other, way more exciting news, the always-hilarious Margo at Urban Psychopomp has recently (okay, it was a month ago) gifted me with a blog award! (And in her most recent post she apologised for being a day late. Pfft!)

Check it:

This lovely gift is imparted with the intention of being passed on. But – being fairly new to the blogosphere (do people even use that term anymore?) – I am shamefully unacquainted with many of the fantastic blogs out there. So! I am requesting some recommendations. Come at me with your favourite(s), s’il vous plait! Even better if they’re your own. Tell me what makes them great, so I can get in on the blog-loving too.

Thanks for sticking with me, even when I’m stuck somewhere else – and you can expect a return to LTLB’s haphazard posting soon.

PS. Extra apologies for adverb-overload in this post. It’s been awhile.


  1. Get yourself over to the Tossing It Out blog and sign up for the A to Z challenge. You'll find over five hundred blogs listed there of people who have signed up to participate in the blogfest. You're sure to find some interesting blogs to follow.

  2. Speaking of blog awards - there is one waiting for you on my blog!
    I love reading your posts, by the way! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow, thanks, Jen! Thinking this deserves a new BP...